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Dhanasekar Thotta is one of the developing businessmen and leading motivational speakers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His career started as a customer care executive in the year 2003 and through his industrious work, hunger for success and persistence he reached great heights in his life. At present, he is the founder of one of the leading and successful recruitment firms in the city.

Interesting facts about Dhanasekar Thotta

For the innumerable skills that he had mastered in his life, Dhanasekar Thotta stands out as an inspiration for many youngsters in Chennai and other parts of the state. Dhanasekar Thotta has a strong command of four different languages viz, Tamil, English, Hindi and Telugu. Being in the industry for more than 16 years, he has abundant experience and knowledge about the industry and how the industry works. He started his journey early in his life, at the age of 18 and reached the point where he is now only through sheer hard work and commitment to his work.

Dhanasekar Thotta shows intense passion in motivating the young crop of our nation towards their career, personality development, interview handling, self-grooming, and up-skilling themselves in their life. He started his journey as a motivational speaker to enrich the young minds of our country and to awaken them to achieve big. Dhanasekar, through his lectures, addresses students about being optimistic in life and help them in facing their problems with utmost confidence. After attending his lectures, students will be benefitted and will have their eyes set on their goal. He has been constantly sharing his experience, knowledge, and insights to the next generation through his lectures. He spends most of his time with the students, helping them build their future.


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Fearless is the first word that would pop up, when someone thinks of Abirami Rajalingam. Born in a small city of Karur in Tamil Nadu, Abirami always possessed the zeal for achieving big in life. Being a woman was never an impediment to her hunger for success as she always chose the toughest path to her glory. She broke the stereotype of the women of her community by taking up mechanical engineering in her high school and passed out as the topper of the institution. Abirami has never failed to stand up for women and inspire them. Determination to be the best in all endeavors is one of her innate qualities. Abirami always loves to do things that are labeled impossible for her. Joined as a recruiter, Abirami became the assistant manager of VR Careerz through her sheer hard work and perseverance.



Balaji Santhanagopalan is an avid writer, who gives life to his imagination in the form of words. An enthusiast when it comes to writing, Balaji is a budding writer who made writing his passion, career and a way to express his freedom of thought. He always perceives everything in a writer’s perspective and weaves a poem out of it. Balaji considers writing as a skill to rediscover oneself. His words contain the magic to inspire people and radiate positivity in the minds of those who read his work. Balaji dreams to bring about a positive change in this society through his writings as he always believes that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.

Bhavika Borgaonkar

Bhavika Borgaonkar is a vivid dreamer who is very much passionate about her work. An exuberant dancer born and brought up in sanawad, Bhavika sacrificed the warmth of her family in order to pursue her ambitions and career from indore. She is an eloquent person excelling in her academics as well as co-curricular activities. Having finished her MBA, Bhavika decided to implement her innate quality of helping people, by joining VR Careerz. Bhavika is a team player whose focus is always goal-directed. Bhavika is a deterministic soul who never quits before winning. She loves to explore the unexplored mysteries of the world. A vibrant person, Bhavika finds it intriguing to have challenges in life and conquering them.