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Our Partnership with Rocheston:

We are extremely happy and delighted to announce our partnership with Rocheston, a leading start-up company in the field of cyber security. VR Careerz has joined hands with Rocheston, a New York based company, as their authorized partner in delivering cyber security courses and training programs, powered by them. Rocheston is a company that is working hard for a safer tomorrow and in making the digital world a better place to live in. The need for cyber security has become quintessential and in order to protect one’s data from theft and hacking, the data must be protected with utmost security. Rocheston is an out-of-the-box thinking company, providing cyber security training and certification programs in different fields. In order to tackle all the emerging problems related to the security of data, cyber security is the only possible solution, and the best approach to grab the training and certified programs of Rocheston is through VR Careerz.

The certification and training courses in cyber security from Rocheston will buy a direct ticket for job seekers, in any of the leading cyber security companies. Every Rocheston certified candidate will stand out tall from other job seekers, when it comes to recruitment. Some of the flagship programs of Rocheston include Extreme Hacking, NeXTGEN™, RCBE, Certified Master of Business Leadership (CMBL), Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) and Rocheston Certified Internet of Things Engineer (RCIE). The courses offered by them train candidates and companies to transform into a dynamic product and sustain in this fast changing technological world.

Rocheston also offers training programs in innovative and interesting fields like IoT, Big Data. autonomous vehicles, 5g, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and much more. Rocheston acts as a training hub for all the new innovations and advancements made in the field of technology and cyber security. There are three different training experiences offered by Rocheston. Classroom training, online cyber class and onsite locations. The classroom training takes place at either Rocheston’s premises or at their partner locations. Online training would be given through e-learning cyber class platform. Also, Rocheston offers training at the trainee’s office location. Above all, the Rocheston certified courses and training programs will help one to become a specialist in the emerging domains of cyber security.

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